Thursday, October 23, 2008

We're Here!!

We have officially moved to our third blog!! We started with blogspot, but left because you couldn't customize it enough, and went to squarespace when it was free, and now they want me to pay for it!! Bummer!! So we are back, but blogger has changed so much!! It is really user friendly now!! I am going to try to at least put stuff on here from Cole's birth and forward. I am making a book from the old blog for Ella's 1st and 2nd year, so I will not be losing anything, but I won't have it all in one place anymore. I am kinda bummed about it, but the books will be great! I have a ton of updating to stay tuned and be sure not to miss anything!!

1 comment:

The Maines Family Blog said... cute Miss Abby....I want to do make our blog cute....but how did you do it??? Help ME! I love the pics of the family on the top and Mr Cole....getting so big!
Hope to see you soon! Miss you!