Saturday, April 18, 2009

Avery Jukes Children's Foundation Gala

Brady, coach Steven's son, Ella and Claudia. They played outside and had such a good time.
Ella and Claudia in their Matt Howard jerseys...
funny story...s nice lady went up to Ella to admire her jersey. They lady told Ella that she loved her "shirt" Ella looked at her and said "it's a jersey!"

Ella and the Bulldog!

Matt Howard and Claudia and Ella...

He had another player, Zach Hahn, cut his hair and right at the end he tried to trim his neck and saw a long piece, and forgot that he had the guard off and took a chunk now he is a baldie!! Ella didn't even recognize him!

Avery Jukes is a Butler Basketball player and has a Childrens tonight...we had a Gala to raise money. It was at the NCAA Hall fo Champions. Avery and Brad spoke on behalf of raising money for an orginization that does work with missions in Africa. We had a great time for a great cause!!

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