Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Medical News

Some of you may have known about our latest medical drama, but for those that didn't here it is...in a nut shell.
Ella has been having days where she is really tired, laying around, not wanting to play since around Christmas. We chalked it up to a bunch of different things including her just being drama, growing, not sleeping well, bordum, etc. Our babysitter finally said she was noticing it a lot and was concerned. That prompted us to talk to the doctor. After the doctor confirming our concerns that she was pale and had dark circles under her eyes, swollen lymph nodes and had dropped growth percentiles again...off to get some blood work! There were some of her tests that came back abnormal, nothing specific, but concerned our doctor. They scheduled us an appointment with Riley Cardiology to rule out a missed congenital defect or infection in her heart, and ordered more labs to rule out a blood issue. Needless to say, we were a little concerned. The results of the second set of labs gave a little more clarity. They finally diagnosed her with Mono and cancelled her Cardiology appointment! Yea!!!! We are relieved that there is a reason she has been tired and one that is not very serious. So...thats it...in a nutshell!!!

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