Thursday, August 21, 2008

Libby's Birthday!!

Happy 1st Birthday Libby!!!
We had Bella over today after playgroup and celebrating Libby’s 1st birthday! I can remember her comming to playgroup when she was just a little-bitty and now she is such a big girl!! I cannot wait to continue watching her grow into a beautiful little girl!

Ella and Izzy-Bella as Ella called her had a great time! There was minimal fighting and they really played with each other. They loved sitting on the couch and looking at books and playing with the baby dolls. We took a walk around the block and they chased each other the whole way! We had such a good time and can’t wait to “help-out” again!

This is ok now…but not when they are teenagers!! Isn’t there a song on the radio about “I just kissed a girl and I think I like it” and something about the taset of her cherry chapstick?


Not sharing!!!


Pretend napping!

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The Maines Family Blog said...

Two cuties....thanks again for helping out!