Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jessie's Baby Shower

Isn't her belly so cute!!
Judy, Jessie and me

Me, Jessie, Grandma Hughes, Judy and Jessie's mom Mag
Besides the fact that I look awful in these pictures...doesn't Jessie look GREAT for 7 1/2 months pregnant!!
Today Judy, Mag, Jessie's sister Kate and I hosted a baby shower at my house. Kate made all the food and it was GREAT, as usual!! Judy made mini cheesecakes for dessert and I made a margarita punch (non-alcholic) that was a perfect addition to the mexican appitizers that Kate made!!
We had almost 30 people there and had a really good time! Jessie got a bunch of great stuff...they are almost all set for that little one to arrive!! They opted to make the gender a suprise, following in the McGrath footsteps, and we cannot wait to see who this little one is!! Scott and I are really excited to be aunt and uncle and Ella and Cole can't wait to have a cousin!!

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