Friday, December 19, 2008

2 Years Old

Our biggie 2 year old!! How crazy that is that she is already 2!
Her check-up with the doc didn't go as I had thought it would. I was prepared to hear that she was above average in her verbal skills and that she was excelling in everythign else she was doing, her weight was fine, and she was in excellent health. Most of that was true, but there were a few suprises.
Her weight was 24lbs, which is only a gain on one pound in six months and the doctors like to see anywhere from 2-4, and more like 4 in her case since she is a little on the small side anyway. The concern was that her weight had again dropped off of the growth curve that she was on. She was in the 60th percentile when she was 6 months old and now she is in the 14th. She was in the 18th percentile for height. They asked about what and how much she was eating and they would like it if she would drink at least 4 pediasure's a day and also increase the amount she is eating! They were also a little concerned about gross motor development-she is not really running or jumping. I walked out of their feeling like I had done something really wrong and that she had something wrong with her...I was a mess! It was really all I thought about over Christmas vacation, but I am better now. We are working on getting her to eat a little more, and giving her foods that are higher in calories. We go back in 6 months and we will see where we are. They suggested getting her into a tumbling/gymnastics class to help with gross motor I think we will look into that.
If anyone has any suggestions, we are open!!!

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