Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family!!
Love, Scott, Abby, Ella and Cole
Ella was so much fun this Christmas!! She was so excited to head down the stairs and see Santa...that was the funny part...we kept telling her that Santa was coming, so she expected to see Santa when she came down the stairs! She was so disappointed when we said that Santa wasn't there, but he had left her presents, she was bawling!! So, my parents had sent some gifts and one for her was a Santa box, so she was ok enough to open that, and thank goodness, it was a stuffed Santa! That was a HUGE relief!! She said "oh, there's Santa!!" How literal!! Anyway, she had a great time opening gifts...a new easel, smock and finger paints from Santa and a few toys from Santa for Cole!!
We feel really blessed this year, as always. But I couldn't help but get a bit nostalgic as I watched her open gifts! This is our third Christmas since Ella was born, and now we have Cole too, where has the time gone!! From a helpless newborn to a gift-opening pro, I cannot imagine a Christmas more fun than this one! We can't wait to see Cole next year right in there with her. I am sure that every holiday will just keep getting better and better, but this one was pretty special!! We hope that everyone else had a blessed holiday as we did!

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