Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Smyrna Beach, FL

Cole is cashed!

Uncle Scott and Ella...excuse the exposed boobies!!

Cole feeling the sand and water on his tootsies for the first time!

Messing around!!

It was the most beautiful day...80's and not a cloud in the we decided to head to the beach to meet up with my brother and hang out. I thought that Ella would play in the sand and not really like the water because it was pretty cold. Quite the contrary was true! When she first stepped on the sand, she curled her toes and kept asking me to wipe it off of her feet!! So we went down to the water and she couldn't get enough of it. She didn't care how cold it was. We had a great time!!
I love the asleep with teh "cools" on and the snack in the lap!!

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The Maines Family Blog said...

I love Cole's Beach outfit! I want to go to FL!