Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a super busy day! Attempting some shots in front of the Christmas tree, in their Christmas Eve outfits...not so successful!!! Cole was eating a snack, Ella has no idea how to look at a camera and smile?!! Sometimes I don't know why I bother!! Anyway, we went and saw Santa. Ella was really excited and Cole was not! We gave him the "treat" while he was still on Santas lap, and that didn't really help. Oh, well. Ella did decide to tell Santa that she wanted a Barbie! (A Barbie...she has NEVER mentioned a Barbie!!!! I don't think that Santa has time to get a Barbie now??!! I really hope that she won't remember that on Christmas morning when Santa forgets the Barbie!!)
After Santa, we ran home for a quick nap then off to church. We met Chad, jessie, Anna and Chris there along with my family. It was the childrens' service, so Ella and I got to be sheep and say "BAAA" in the story of Baby Jesus. Lots of FUN! Then home to a wonderful meal that my dad had prepared! Beef tenderloin with a mushroom and sherry sauce, twice baked potatoes and asparagus! YUMMY!!! Full bellies to head to bed with sugar plums dancing in our heads;-)

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